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"Aksu Zhabagyly" reserved recreation camp

"AksuZhabagyly" is an all-season recreation camp enjoying long history and being a great attraction point for lots of loyal guests. This unique area of South-Kazakhstan oblast offers a vacation adventure you will not forget. The camp is located near Aksu Zhabagyly State Nature Reserve listed in UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The unique world of animals, birds and plants, virgin nature, as well as fascinating horseback riding and car routes attract tourists from many countries.

"Aksu Zhabagyly" Nature Reserve

“Aksu Zhabagyly” State Nature Reserve is situated at the western end of Talas Alatau ridge within the Western Tien-Shan. The reserve occupies a mountainous area at altitudes from 1300 to 4200 m above sea level. Its northern and western borders pass along the slopes of the Zhabaglytau,Talas Alatau and Ugam ridges at the level of 1300-1600 m, in south and southeast the reserve is adjacent to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan along high uplands of Talas and Ugam ridges.


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