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Bath houses

Two bath houses are available for you to enjoy great wellness time in our recreation camp.

  1. Bath in the log house beside the river.

First of all, this bath house is an ecological one. In addition, thanks to the microporous structure of the tree, it provides natural ventilation. It is also important that whole, hand-processed logs are characterized by high heat capacity, that is, they give enough heat and keep it well inside the room. The chopped bathhouse is really unsurpassed. It has a healthy atmosphere, it breathes pleasantly, the bactericidal properties of coniferous wood disinfect the air. Such a bathhouse from a log heals the body and strengthens the spirit, beneficially influencing the emotional background of a person. Near the bathhouse is a font, filled with pure spring water. Therefore, after the steam room you can dip into a refreshing font and get extra charge of cheerfulness, energy and health. And also enjoy tea with a samovar in a cosy nearby pavillion.

The bath house is designed for 6 people.

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  1. Bath house beside the swimming pool.

Bath house with a pool is so loved not only by men, but also by women, because it gently and smoothly warms up the body, gives a unique feeling of comfort and promotes healing. Alternation of high and low temperatures can save a person from colds, helps cope with cough and snuffle, including chronic, and also beneficially effects on the person's respiratory system.
The combination of hot air and cold water is an excellent way to strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation. After such a procedure, significantly increases the general tone of the body, appears a feeling of cheerfulness and a rush of vital energy. And the whole secret lies in the fact that in the steam room, the blood vessels expand, and in the pool, they narrow. As a result, the elasticity of the vessels increases, correspondingly, the risk of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases decreases.

The bath house is designed for 4 people.


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